Monday, December 19, 2016

Like Magic

Studying this astrology. Learning to accept the journey. My is mars in my 12th in cancer. Wonderful wounded from the scars of the soul. Laid down my sword for love. Do I miss the battle field? Yes! So much so I will like to tatste victory again. However begin a mother changes every fight. Remaining sane is a gift that be placed upon me. Do you  under  the beast that lurk beneath surface. Breathing fire burning within. I only had my story to tell it amazing to see what people fight over. Mars has made me a survive even when I didn't know I was losing. Mars claim victory. Advise me it was mines. Look for strength in him. Where battle are won thr hard way.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Honor thy lesson.

Why are my most hardest lesson learned from my own self inflicted pain? Why does my mind see all that is blind? to the world it's a monster you see. I see someone who needs a hug,  no words just comfort. Stall I be afraid ? for he may bit me. I'm full aware of the danger that awaits me. Yet I lurk closer to touch what remains un named. You judge, I react and were called the same. This is clear to see that it's a heart that beats for the damage , and the mind that doesn't understand. Yes your vibration is not yet elevated. Rumbling of what cause it. I know we can't see it all. How can you be so blind to the bleeding heart? The war wounds of the soul. The silent cries. I wonder what you see? when you analyze me. The nothing meek about me. More animal then beast. I hungry for the touch. So close to danger my grandma is  praying for me. For her  wisdom far beyond mines. I have to touch it once to find out on my own. The risk is it all is worth it. To die for truth most definitely it is. Yet that courage is only seen in youth when did you lose your  imagination to create? A world of super hero and villain all the same just changing the roles. While the face still remains the same. We make our perception of a world surround by ambiguity. Pain that remains has my foot prints all across them of battle won are far from my heart. Guts are more mere that thoughts. That instinct you get when its all you got. Sweet release come to me .change this hurt I seek to beat. My own self inflicted pain ,who knew it's would taste so great. How do you go to change. The mirror cracks, when you stay the same. Choose growth and began to expand.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Saturday, September 12, 2015